Generate a very basic analysis of the conversational turntaking in either a Zoom transcript or a Zoom chat file.

turnTaking(inputData, inputType, meetingId, speakerId)



data.frame output from either processZoomChat or processZoomTranscript


string of either 'chat' or 'transcript'


string giving the name of the meeting identifier


string giving the name of the variable with the identity of the speaker


list of four data.frames giving different levels of analysis for turn taking:

  • rawTurn - This data.frame gives a dataset with a lagged column so that you could calculate custom metrics

  • aggTurnsDyad - This gives a dyad-level dataset so that you know whose speech patterns came before whose

  • aggTurnsSpeaker - This gives a speaker-level dataset with metrics that you could use to assess each given person's influence on the conversation

  • aggTurnsSpeaker_noself - This is a replication of the aggTurnsSpeaker dataset, but it excludes turns where a speaker self-follows (i.e., Speaker A => Speaker A)


turn.out = turnTaking(inputData=sample_transcript_processed, inputType='transcript', meetingId='batchMeetingId', speakerId='userName')
#> | | | 0% | |=================================== | 50% | |======================================================================| 100%
turn.out = turnTaking(inputData=sample_chat_processed, inputType='chat', meetingId='batchMeetingId', speakerId='userName')
#> | | | 0% | |=================================== | 50% | |======================================================================| 100%