Parses the data from the chatfile that is downloaded from the Zoom Cloud recording site. Note that this is the file that accompanies a recording. This is not the file that you might download directly within a given Zoom session, nor is it the one that is saved locally on your computer. This is the file that you can access after a session if you record in the cloud.

  sessionStartDateTime = "1970-01-01 00:00:00",
  languageCode = "en"



String that is the path to the downloaded Zoom .txt chat file


String that is the start of the session in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS


String denoting the language


data.frame where each record is a message submission in the chat, containing columns:

  • messageId - Numeric identifier for each message, only unique within a given meeting

  • messageSeconds - When message was posted, in number of seconds from start of session

  • messageTime - When message was posted as POSIXct, using the supplied sessionStartDateTime

  • userName - Display name of user who posted the message

  • message - Text of the message that was posted

  • messageLanguage - Language code for the message


ch.out = processZoomChat( fname=system.file('extdata', "meeting001_chat.txt", package = 'zoomGroupStats'), sessionStartDateTime = '2020-04-20 13:30:00', languageCode = 'en')