A major challenge in analyzing virtual meetings is reconciling the display name that zoom users in chat and transcript. This function outputs a data.frame that can be helpful in manually adding a new unique identifier to use in further data anlaysis.




the output from running processZoomOutput


a data.frame that has unique values for the zoom display name that show up across any files that are available, including participants, transcript, and chat. If the user gives the participants file, it will separate display name changes and include all versions. If there are emails attached to display names, it will include those.


rosetta.out = createZoomRosetta(processZoomOutput(fileRoot= file.path(system.file('extdata', package = 'zoomGroupStats'),"meeting001"))) if (FALSE) { rosetta.out = createZoomRosetta(processZoomOutput(fileRoot="~/zoomMeetings/meeting001")) }