Provide the location of a structured batchInput file and this function will process a set of meetings at once.

batchProcessZoomOutput(batchInput, exportZoomRosetta = NULL)



String giving the location of the xlsx file that contains the information for the zoom meetings. All corresponding Zoom downloads for the meetings in the batch must be saved in the same directory as the batchInput file.


optional string giving the path for exporting the zoomRosetta file to link up unique individual IDs manually. Providing this path will write the zoomRosetta file to that location.


a list that has a data.frame for each of the elements of a Zoom output that are available in the input directory:

  • batchInfo - Each row is a meeting included in batchInput. Columns provide information about each meeting.

  • meetInfo - Each row is a meeting for which there was a downloaded participants file. Columns provide information about the meeting from the Zoom Cloud recording site.

  • partInfo - Each row is a Zoom display name (with display name changes in parentheses). Columns provide information about participants from the Zoom Cloud recording site.

  • transcript - Each row is an utterance in the audio transcript. This is the output from processZoomTranscript.

  • chat - Each row is a message posted to the chat. This is the output from processZoomChat.

  • rosetta - Each row is a unique display name (within meeting) encountered in the batchInput. This is used to reconcile user identities.


batchOut = batchProcessZoomOutput(batchInput=system.file('extdata', 'myMeetingsBatch.xlsx', package = 'zoomGroupStats'), exportZoomRosetta=file.path(tempdir(),"_rosetta.xlsx"))
#> Processing any correctly named Zoom downloads in /private/var/folders/hg/rsmy7v891ts4zm81674_mq100000gr/T/RtmpQRVS3w/temp_libpath16772380d70cf/zoomGroupStats/extdata
#> | | | 0% | |=================================== | 50% | |======================================================================| 100%